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Growing together

Capacity building is at the heart of my work with all clients. Whatever the engagment, it is always my goal to leave your team with new knowledge and skills to advance your work and create meaningful impact.

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Get funded

My Project Builder Tool guides the process of building high impact projects that respond to community needs and have all the elements mapped out that your funding partners are looking for in a proposal.

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My focus on learning can help transform your monitoring and evaluation practice into a rewarding experience that helps you maximize impact for your community and feel good about the changes you're creating.

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Get funded and maximize your impact on a budget!

Through tailored consultancy and services, I help organizations to make the most of free and cost-effective tools, map community needs, build responsive projects, get funded, and measure the impact of their work.

Grant opportunities often come with short application windows and it can be tough to pull proposals together when you’re already strapped for time running your programs. I can help you take advantage of funding windows by building projects that are ready for any template and will be attractive to your prospective funders!

I’m passionate about building our collective capacity as SMOs! I work with clients to develop and deliver trainings to diverse audiences and strive to help every team I engage strengthen their practice and build their internal capacity for impactful project design, learning and management practices. 

How do you know you’re doing good? I help clients find the joy in monitoring, evaluation and learning through easy data capture systems which identify trends and opportunities for improvement and which make it easy track progress against indicators and report back to stakeholders.  

I have a passion for grassroots participation and the efficacy of community-based initiatives as both a means of advancing community development goals and effectively engaging with community partners.

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