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The best things in life are free...

I cannot possibly be part of all the projects out there, but I hope these templates can help you and your team to get a running start!

I developed these templates for use in my consulting projects and in my own work. They have been so well received and I have been asked for copies many times, so I decided to make them freely available for anyone to download and use. 

These are designed for SMOs who need to maximise organizational efficiency, but can’t afford expensive software and management consultants. They are available exclusively as Excel documents. That said, I have also used these to support project design and proposal writing for large scale grants with larger NGO consortiums. They’re versatile and accessible for all!

Why Free?

My work is based on helping others and these templates genuinely help projects to succeed. So go ahead, download the tools! Use them from end to end, or to just give your project a running start. You can even use them as a guideline for what’s being used in the field and to help improve your own management, monitoring, and evaluation techniques.

I would love to hear from you if you find these useful for your practice! It’s always nice to know where your efforts are being leveraged to support the good works of others!

Finally, if you need a little help getting started, I am happy to offer a free 30-minute consultation to customize and/or orient you to the tools so you can use them effectively.

Project Builder Tool

This Excel tool allows you to plan your project from start to finish! I have built in auto-fill functions to ensure continuity between logic model, M&E, critical path and budget plan. Once the project builder is completely filled in, migrating information into funding applications, concept notes and funding proposals is a breeze!

Prospect Tracker

This Excel tool allows you to manage funding prospects – including both Funders and Major Donors – from prospecting through solicitation and stewardship. Rank prospects based on Ability to Give, Belief in Your Cause and Connection to ensure you are investing time in your best prospects. It also lends itself easily for mail merge for letters of inquiry and appeals.

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