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Impact Assessment & Learning

A focus on learning can make impact assessment a rewarding experience for all your stakeholders!

You know you’re doing good. But can you prove it? Funders and donors alike are increasingly looking for organizations to document and present their impact using a combination of data and stories. With limited resources to invest in monitoring and evaluation activities, this can be a challenge.

I can help you to implement easy data capture systems which lend themselves equally well to identifying trends and opportunities for improvement as they do for tracking progress against indicators and reporting back to diverse stakeholders.

Consulting Support:

M&E Framework Design
Through consultation and planning with programs and communications teams to identify goals and needs, I can streamline data collection processes, customize tools and develop analysis and reporting templates.

Data Analysis and Presentation
I compile and aggregate data from multiple sources, identifying key metrics and trends, and gaps. I can prepare dashboards and visual presentations to focus on key trends and issues to facilitate rich discussion and learning.

Impact Reporting
I can support reporting requirements for funding partners and development of reports highlighting impact of specific project or change over time in report,  infographic, dashboard or booklet styles.

Developmental Evaluation

My favourite way to support impact assessment is to work with clients from project design through final reporting on a retainer basis.

This allows me to to work with the team from start to finish, supporting the design of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning processes, asking questions as an embedded observer and building capacity along the way.

Feminist Evaluation

Given the Government of Canada’s commitment to Feminist approaches to community development work , I am increasingly working with clients to incorporate a feminist approach to monitoring, evaluation, and learning. I can support you in applying a feminist lens to your MEL tools and processes.

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